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Confira a Letra Slages to Bitches

Ian Gillan Band

Slages to Bitches

You don't make it with your fire and your rain
You ain't nothing but a fool
You've got nothing in your animal brain
But baby I will stand with you
Say hey to your Daddy hey to your Mammy
Maybe to your sister too
'Cos you got the money and I've got the need
So baby I will stand with you

There's no way you can stop it
You've got my heart in your pocket
Moving up from rags to riches, slags to bitches

You throw parties on your own private beach
I see you riding horses too
You've got the things that are out of my reach
Baby less I stay with you
I ain't gonna fight you I'm only gonna bite you
'Cos you've got enough for two
The sweetest things your inheritance brings
So baby I will stand with you

See me walking with my nose in the air
Though I can't see too good
You catch me spitting though it ain't debonair
But mostly I can be like you
So give it to me honey, take me to the money
Surely that's the least I'm due
I'm just your toy I know but you are a fool
And baby I will stay with you

Tell your Daddy that you're gonna be mine
You know I love you truly
When he tells you that you're out of your mind
'Cos I'm stupid and unruly
Smile at him sweetly, whisper so discretely
One and one is three not two
He's got the money and I've got the need
So baby I will stand with you