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Confira a Letra Dancing Nylon Shirt (part One)

Ian Gillan Band

Dancing Nylon Shirt (part One)

I know it won't be easy
I've got to get you out of my mind
I don't want this way of living
The blind are leading the blind

Picking it up putting it down
I'm getting tired, too many shades of brown
If a life's worth living, it's worth living good
I'm gonna live it just the way I think I should

Oh drink a bottle of wine
Be a friend of mine
When the spirit releases the anger decreases
And primitive races can capture their places
And serve at the table and study the faces
Of the pillars of Universal wisdom

I got that body fever
You put temptation right in my face
My spirit's rising but
They want me back in my place
You gotta buy it, you gotta try it
Can't do without it and it will not be denied
(Are you saying there's nothing here for me?)
You want a god, you want a guide
Come here boy; gonna take you for a ride

Oh drink a bottle of wine
Old friend of mine
When the madness descends on the planet
That's governed by money and hunger
And hate and disaster
Misunderstanding that goes hand in hand
With our glistening prophets of doom