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Confira a Letra Mysterious Thing


Mysterious Thing

She tells me that she has to go
She says that its all over now
She knows how to break me
She knows that it's easy
But when the rain is coming in
She calls me on the telephone, she says,
"where did you get to . .
So come on i need you"

It's a mysterious thing
Well it's something i can't explain
Its a mysterious thing
Got me under the spell again
Don't believe what my eyes can see
Strangest feeling is holding me
So give me an answer, girl
What must i do for your love

She's gonna make you run around
She's gonna keep you hanging on
Wearing her black lace,
Wild eyed and reckless
But before you throw it all away
Just think of what it does to me
Why must i go on
Wishing and praying

It's a mysterious thing, etc.