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Confira a Letra Trojan Blue


Trojan Blue

The soldiers standing on the shore
Take up their golden shields
You watch them from your room
High on the city wails
In the distance on the shifting sea
A thousand coloured sails
Is this the moment you made
Is this the way that you planned
You know it won't be long now

The finest treasures of kings
Of those precious things
They never tempted you
As you stood in the ruins
How could you dare to look on
As they burned for you
The broken pieces of clay
And the palest eyes, painted in
Trojan blue

You remember how it used to be
When you were just a girl
Nothing really mattered then
You can remember so well
How you used to hold your head so high
Those days will never return

Dust is drifting in the evening air
Across the field below
The silver mirror, you hold
Will never tell...
You turn your face away