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Confira a Letra Keep Writing

Ides of Space

Keep Writing

We almost knew each other once, it was a shame
You moved a million miles away
And floating inbetween the lines there is a game
That neither one of us could play

But in an evening, hovering around a sound
The time was never there and you were never found
You never found
You never found

You're rolling on and into places i don't know
I'm falling into little niches while you grow
Up in a very different place from where we were
And i still think of her

But could you ever be so easily confused
Into thinking that this way, you'd never lose
You never lose
You never lose
Have you already lost?
Have you already lost?
Have you already lost?
Have you already?

When your crashing, resonating sounds are wearing thin
And you don't know where to begin
Ignore the feeling that you're falling from your place