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Confira a Letra Spark Plug

Idiot Pilot

Spark Plug

Fortunes are running out
Through the spectrum, a spectrum
You wanna tumble with me?
We'll take you out, with election election
Don't bother to retreat
We'll hold you down, with connections, connections
We will not settle til we

Follow you down
Follow you down

[okay something just a razor pill something just save your last razor for a razor with a slide]

Sill the sound
Welcome back it's erection suspension
The comma we've received
Has want you down to pretension, retention
Please don't argue with me for any count of complexion complexion
We will not settle til we
Have {almost died/all gone free}

Have all gone free
[Well okay, ??? just a razor pill something just save your last razor for a razor with sluts]

Well something in the scripture
Open a mace to make the face turn round
Does it make it look like anyone can fly
[stop it] Yea [kill it] Yea
I'm pissed ?? around a slide
Turn your ass round and (just keep it going)
Everyone walk to a single file/space
[stop it] Yea [kill it] Yea [stop it] Yea [kill it] Yea {etc}
That's probably why I can't stand up now.


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