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Confira a Letra Walk Away

If The Kids

Walk Away

You don't knock you just push the door
You walk in my room your heart so sore
Now you're witnessing something weird
You look so scared behind your beard

Shut the door behind you and sit
Shut your mouth too and look at this
It's soft and wet
And it knows your name
But leave right now if you feel ashamed

Walk away
I'm the one who makes it rain

Both of us in my cosy lab
Soft and wet sitting on my bed
I move my hands: your sky turns grey
I move my hips: no need to pray

My neighbours think that I am voodoo
But I make clouds for men like you
Sad and shy and sick of the sun
Seeking lust from some sexy nun

Walk away
I'm the one who makes it rain

I make the cloud over your head
I make it rain
You're dry and dead
Your old umbrella
My hoodie sweater
For lonely winter
You don't talk no
You push my door
I will wait for you mon amour
I broke the clock
Your Phone is off the hook
Your suitcase packed and your tickets booked
Walk away
I'm the one who makes it rain