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Confira a Letra Thanks To You

Ilse De Lange

Thanks To You

thanks to you i'm not afraid of the dark
thanks to you i have no fear
thanks to you i see his beauty

and all that thanks to you

every night i sing for you
every tear has drop for you
every song is what i feel, then i remember you

you filt my way with your short appearance
your words where all that kept me smile
you let me see that some words so small and simply can be that big

and all that thanks to you

i look above from up my window
i see no stars ,but i imagine
i only see a sleeping person.

and that gives me a feeling of rest

please say to me,.. me to
please answer my not over thought questions
please that's all that mathers

and all you have to do is think of me to

give me the hope to take a second step
give a push and i will find it
give a sign that you remember

o god we passing quick September
don't freeze that memory of our warm days on sun
help me to keep the spoken words alive

you're the one that making me smile and cry at the same time

i dream about all kinds of things
but it's not a dream whitout you
i wonder why i see no darkness?

my path that you lit was always so solitarily
go to sleep, tomorrow there's a new day that will go past
goodnight my dear your eyes are closed now.

and when the dawn comes , the morning birds will wake you slowly..