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Confira a Letra Brave Horse

Images of Eden

Brave Horse

Why is it that all I do only benefits someone else in the end?
Am I a martyr or cursed with good intentions?
Some may need to help me through this crying secrecy
But a state depndency is what the truth might be

Brave Horse... There's love around you, just look, you'll see
Brave Horse... Always seeing you in their every dream
Brave Horse... All will want you, they're in ecstasy
Brave Horse... All have found you, no more fantasy

Please another and curse the other
Fulfill yourself but accuse one another
For their so-called "wrongful convictions"
But a contribution to you "stealth" addiction

Living in your callous world
No one cared when I cried
For everyone who lied, judged me or criticized...
Now it's my time to shine

Now I'm alive
Now I'm alive
Now it's my time to shine
Now I'm alive