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Confira a Letra Cry For Me Baby

Imelda May

Cry For Me Baby

Well, I cried so much for you
Baby, that's nothing new (x2)

Well, I wish I had a dollar for the times I cried for you

Almost every night, I cried myself to sleep
Everybody else's so happy
But all I did was weep, weep, weep
All these tears, tears, tears
Why won't they'll ever be?
Lord, I wish, just once, you would cry for me

Why do I remember?
How could I forget?
I wake up every morning
And my pillow is soaking wet
From these tears, tears, tears
Why wont they let me be?

All I wish just once
You'd cry for me

Now why would you last night, I cried all night long
The only way you do me baby is wrong,wrong,wrong
And all these tears, tears, tears
Why won't they let me be?

Lord I wish just once
You'd cry for me