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Confira a Letra Let Me Out

Imelda May

Let Me Out

Poundin' down the door, drownin' out your name
Stompin' through the floor, let me out boy I'm goin' insane
I'm hissin' like Eartha Kitt in a cage, I'm howlin' like a dog
You're evil what you're doin' to me, I kissed you but you're still a frog

Let me out, Let me out, Let me out
Let me out, Let me out, Let me out
Let me out, Let me out, Let me out
Let me out, Let me out

You got me and you dangle the key, freedom in front of my rage
You better let me out or I'm gonna break every bone in this human cage
You holdin' too tight, you're tyin' me down, this time you gone too far
You're evil what you're doin' to me, I'll be nobodys prisoner

Oh I'm startin' to freak, I'm startin' to shake
Oh I can't breathe, but you're not gonna take
A lot of action, I'm near distraction, I'm goin' outta my mind
Gonna rattle the bars, gonna break up the ball
Gonna tear out my hair, kick holes in the wall
My possession is your obsession, you're not gonna win this time