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Confira a Letra Digital God

Immortal Rites

Digital God

2000........ and the sectrets unveiled
Your story of "life" denied
Thanx for my broken promises
Thanx for spitting human cries
I break down the walls
That surrounded me
The truth's lying on my feet
The price of nothing but lies!!!!!!!!!!

Accept your fate
Generation has failed
Accept your fate
Digital god

I have hunger for more
For more of your big mistakes
Like your puppet of '45
Taking millions in paradise......
Guid me to the gallery of screams
Where your statues in paleness freeze
Creating life only to destroy?????
Is that your definition of a toy???


The society on the path to find
Their messiah buried in their mind
The doctrine what they preach
To satisfy their own needs
Like a drug to stand tall
Creating wars to kill them all
What a nice job
Of a killing digital god