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Confira a Letra An Exhalation Of Disease

Infant Annihilator

An Exhalation Of Disease

All the Blood from the bodies
Collects then irrigates through the soil
It flows through the cracks of the earth
Then drips to the demons below
Just waiting to be unleashed by the blood of the chosen Christ
His blood shall set them free

Beneath this sacred ground
Lies the gate to their dimension
Amidst the molten bowls of the earth
Once the chosen blood touches to their lips the gates open

Our dimensions amalgamate
Transporting them to earth
To rule with me forever
Without the chains of their translucency
My flesh burns away to reveal my true form as God
I am Belial
The serpent has shed his skin

I have deceived the world as a servant of God
With the church I have prepared my own thrown

It was easy to fool them all with my disguise
As they looked into my eyes
They never saw the serpent beneath the surface
Waiting for his moment to strike
I have brought forth hell to earth just to show God what it’s worth
His kingdom shall rot forever

I have no sympathy for God
I have no sympathy for God

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