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Confira a Letra Baptised, Bastardised, Sodomised

Infant Annihilator

Baptised, Bastardised, Sodomised


Soaking in semen

Blessed with penetration

Screaming as I force myself deeper in their innards
I am bastardizing, sodomizing
Hail to the tyrant!

All for the ceremony compelled by the sermon of our everlasting lord

To be accepted into heaven you must endure God's desire
Embracing the fetish of defiling the tender minors

His paedophilic ultimatum: To be pinned down and fisted
Drenched in natures fertile nutrients
From the throbbing cocks of your faithless preachers
The unholy nectar of religious leaders

Passing around the haggard rectum
Paralyzed by the anal torment
The agonizing purity of this sadistic ritual
Fondling on the foreskin – circumcised to taste the pure flesh of their genitals
Slaves born into a world of mindless manipulated minions
Thirsty for a fresh newborn anus

The blasphemous testament of perverted excellence
The divine abomination: Reaper of innocence
The blasphemous testament
The divine abomination
Reaper of innocence

Hail to the tyrant!