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Confira a Letra Crucifilth

Infant Annihilator


Hysteria possesses the population as the vortex consumes the clouds
The catalyst to the conjuration opens a doorway to our realm

Emerge from the bowels of an ethereal pathway, a labyrinthine hell
Projecting a bellow that quakes the gallows!

He came with an open hand of misery; eternal doom

Oh, great pharaoh of suffering!

The sirens silence behind the harmony of slaughter
A symphony of butchery
An orchestration of annihilation

Feasting on the newborn meat – a sloppy sadistic supper straight from the womb
The cattle of the religious farm

Oh, it eases the sadomasochistic seizures
Slurping of the embryos as we fuck the cunts they came from

The sanity in this world withers away as the chaotic reality illuminates
Kingdoms crumble under exponential rape

Pray, please pray
I want to see your face as your children gape
While my minions build a shrine of infant remains

Skin your child before the cross

Pray to me as your children gape
Fear the cock of your master
Pray, please pray as your children gape
Fear the cock of your master

The servant offspring you keep pushing
We must stop you from reproducing
Every woman and child is sentenced to death by crucifixion
While religious leaders watch and suffocate on their excrement

I, the father of infanticide
I, the necrotic behemoth, reconstructing my necropolis

Erect as I watch generations fall to their knees
Sipping on my concoction of sacramental youth
The virgin blood of newborn nutrients."

Seek the new holy virgin carrying the incarnation of christ

Bastard child!

I must plant the seed of impurity

Another son to cast from heaven, soiling his divinity; another spawn to fear
The one to inherit my throne once I've wiped this world clean of sin