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Confira a Letra Flayed And Consumed  (feat. Rings of Saturn)

Infant Annihilator

Flayed And Consumed (feat. Rings of Saturn)

My convents are just a front
They are the breeding grounds of my disciples
Like turning water to wine
I re-wire their minds

I manufacture their evolution
With trauma based torture and rape
Therapeutic alterations achieved through excruciating pain
Excruciating pain

Once the pain overpowers the mind
It tries to shut itself down
With I.Vs pumping drugs in their veins
It doesn’t have this option
Once their
Once their mind is cornered

To escape the suffering their minds
Create an alternate personality
With this new creation
I have control of their minds

Intracranial implants
Are surgically inserted into their brains
Haunting images of their family
Flayed and consumed
Replay in their dreams