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Confira a Letra I. Infant Annihilator

Infant Annihilator

I. Infant Annihilator

You have been gathered here to kill every child under two
Every pregnant mother too.

We will stop the second coming of Christ

I the pope bow to no one
Yet alone bow to god
I will slaughter everyone before I risk the power vested in me

Assemble the legions of priests and vow to me that every infant will die

Promise to me that Christ will hang
Nailed to a cross before he’s three

Arise and become an ordained clergy of plague
All sweeping across the world to cleanse

Crucify the children in the streets for all the world to see

The prophecies cannot be fulfilled
If they are we will be exposed for what we have truly become
Perverts draped in robes claiming to be embodiments of god

Kill him before we are exposed

Erase him so no one knows what we have become
Now bring me the head of the infant
Jesus christ impaled on my sword
So that I may mount it on my wall

I will rule forever
Bring me the head of the infant Jesus Christ

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