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Confira a Letra III. Embryonic Fetish (feat. Alex Teyen)

Infant Annihilator

III. Embryonic Fetish (feat. Alex Teyen)

I make an incision in her skin from her ribs to her pussy lips
I peel her skin back to see her innards
Her eyes now roll back in her head
The bitch now wishes she was dead with her crucified family
As I look to see her womb I notice her beating heart pumping her blood onto the ground
One down - a billion to go; a list of women are dissected to
Know if they carry child and if they don’t we fuck them all anyway
These are the final stages: A holy conquest; official orders of the pope
A catholic plague of hatred ready to wage war upon God
With new omnipotence of our great pope we will overthrow our maker
The architect will fall to his creation
Through the oculus of the vatican we ascend
We will rise to witness God’s demise
We now defy the prophecies of God