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Confira a Letra Torn From The Womb

Infant Annihilator

Torn From The Womb

Drag the nuns from their rooms
It’s finally time to extract the bastards from their wombs
Their hands are bound and then they’re gagged for surgery
Punctured with a rusted blade, then I force my fingers in the wound
I stretch it till the flesh has torn; with my filthy hands I rip it more
The mother’s screams are muffled by the gag shoved down her throat
The tension builds as I unveil her uterus
Her anaesthesia is my cock
Convulsions overwhelm my patience
If these persist ill have no choice but to kill her before she gives birth
What a fucking shame
Death brings me joy, but I would rather see her suffer as I rip her bastard child from her womb
I press the blade to her throat
Dull and with crooked teeth, I begin to saw through her neck until I reach her spine
Now that she is dead her body lays still
Now her unborn child is ready for extraction
I slice open the uterus and the placenta rushes out
Mixed with blood it pools in her gaping wound
This carcass cocktail of placenta and blood is shared among assistants helping me birth the child. Once it’s gone the severed uterus is bare and then the birth begins
I grab the child by his leg and rip him from the womb
His mother’s entrails pull out and spread upon the bed
I rape her body till she turns into a putrid heap, then I remove the umbilical cord
I cart the child down the hall to be classed and then sent to the nursery of rape