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Confira a Letra Pimply Life


Pimply Life

Now I just want to sing 'bout life
With our dreams and feelings,truth and lies
With our friends and pretty girls
And you all just can hear how I growl


Now our hero it is young guy on the party
He like cool drinks and like very much
Some good farting
Drink,my young friend
Vine,vodka,whiskey and beer
And tommorow your face
Will be not very clean

Rash on face it's so cool
Just because you has been fool
Pimply life your fate
And you looking at pimple with hate

Wake up dead-neck
And open your fucking eyes
Look at this mirror
And you will see big surprise
Great plans about
Your pretty girl-friend will smashed
Your nose and all
Your stuped face in frequest rash

Pimple on cheek
So red
You can frig
But they tread

Fuck yourself
Stupid bastard you suck
Pimple life
And this rash are young drugs
Face of pus
And you can't stop disease
Scratching skin
Working like swarm of bees


Now our hero
Is standing near girl-friend
And our sory
Reaches it's happy-end
Young girl's appearince is
Blinding him like lightning flash
Red nose and all
Her stupid face in frequest rash