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Confira a Letra State Of Mind


State Of Mind

I built my defense with
All the stones you threw at me
Now that I broke your chains
There´s something´s strange with me
Resurrecting is harder than it seems
When we spend too much time
Feeding boredom with routine

Sometimes when rope breaks
We can not find which path to take
It´s more than feeling free
Is a matter of knowing what to do

My spirit begs for serenity
I wished so much
Freedom is nothing if we don´t know
How to fill our minds
How long will it take
Until stop hurting me?
The weight on my shoulders
Left wounds within my soul

For so long I didn´t know
What was to fulfill my will
And then I feel weird
Living for myself seems so strange

And I feel tired, I search for the answers
That I need to know
Why do I feel like this?
I know there´s something missing
Once I tried to break free
But I couldn´t free my soul

When we run away we feel so lost
With no helping hand
Not everyone is prepared to make
Their own decisions
Freedom is not what it seems
It´s a precious gift to be used wisely
It´s not about of breaking chains
It´s a matter of state of mind