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Confira a Letra Supertonic Lady

Initial D

Supertonic Lady

Get it into my loving facts
You want me to react
There is no love affair
Take you to my place I swear

Killing me into the night
When you're not by my side
Keep burning down my life
I'll be your lover

Furious like no one else
Make me wanna go to my man eater
Loose control for darkroom eyes
Bring me to the higher fire

I want my supersonic baby
Dancing preety lady

Chew me up squeeze me now
Can't take no more
Supertonic lady
Cashing my old shady
My heart will go on
To open the door

Set me free to raise you up
I'm getting strong for you
My heart is pumping fast
Gimme your loving shot

Emotions everywhere I go
Closing my eyes I know
This shock will start you up
To be my love

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