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Confira a Letra The Peculiar Disappearance Of Marion Bojangles

Inlet Sound

The Peculiar Disappearance Of Marion Bojangles

Marion Bojangles,
I first heard your name beneath the angles
Of my ceiling at half past midnight
That night.

Your time spent in my life it was so fleeting
But I'd change no circumstance of us two meeting
Beneath the stars, with your wet snow crusted paws
Dancing in my casino, chandeliers a-dangling
That night.

Catering to your needs it was so easy.
And I'm just glad I took you from the freezing
Cold, your actions were so bold
That night.

Ma p'tite chérie tu sais tu me manques.
Et je voudrais remplir mon coeur dans mon tronc.
Please tell me where you went
Dart into the darkness, silence in my hallway
This night.