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Confira a Letra Innocent Girl Like a Pretty Doll

Inside You

Innocent Girl Like a Pretty Doll

Hey, look, i am trying to get your soul
But you do not want to fall with me
You prefer to remain a girl
An innocent girl like a pretty doll
Hey, know that i read your thoughts in the stars
Hey, know your wishes and desires
Don`t try to hide from me , honey
I've got a surprise for you

Innocent girl
Like a pretty doll

You are playing a game with me
A game called "pure love"
Pretending that you do not know about
Caresses ,kisses, pleasure of the night
I could have admired it
I`m following your fragrance
You`re bringing me to an old house
The iron chains are binding my body-
This is your surprise for me

Your innocence did not
Give me a chance
I see your dance
Of my disgrace