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Confira a Letra Night Hunt

Inside You

Night Hunt

Air is full of smells
Night is falling
He is an animal, a beast
A semi-wolf , a semi-tiger
This predator`s streaming
Sails to the wind
Moonlight will help him
Hearing the night birds screams

Night hunt, tonight
The predator will have certainly
t hunt, tonight
The predator will have somebody`s blood

In a thicket of wood
The predator is running for tracks
His pads in the mud
But he is hearing the cracks
The predator is understanding
This is his victim
The jump, the stroke
And he is a victor

But what is the sound after him
The predator is turning
This is an enemy,
An animal, a beast
He is alien, he is wanting
To take away
The predators prey

They are fighting and fighting
Two alien predators
Rolling on the earth
Like the clews
They are tiring both
All of a sudden the flash coming
This is a man-being is firing a gun
The predator are rushing away to run

A long time is continning
Their escape
Finally the predators are deciding
To make this end
Both they`re attacking that hunter
And had been binding the fierce battle
Until the daybreak is coming
All bloody the predators