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Confira a Letra Her Sins

Interitus Dei

Her Sins

Through the desert, alone,
Her soul is heavy like a stone,
She walks her way
Stepping on her own yesterday.

Nobody cries for her sins!
Nobody cries for her!

Ghosts of the past
Turn her feelings into dust.
Through the land of the lost
She carries her sins like a cross.

Her soul, betrayed,
Became the cheapest bale to trade,
Her skin - defiled,
So her life is an eternal exile.

Live with the demons, die twice with the demons,
Make love with the demons into a circle of blood.
Her body is now a cradle of sin,
Feel the devil within.
Baptized in the blood of a goat,
She became the one about whom old books wrote.
The old books wrote...
Trapped in her own illusions...Trapped...Confusion.

But her life flew away.
Now is the time for her to pay.
She looks for a den,
She runs as far as she can.

She can run but she can't hide
She's lost between the two worlds,
Searching for light (too late for light),
With the shadow on her trail.

His eyes!
Her sins!
The devil within!

At least she tried...