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Confira a Letra Seth

I stay on the sand,
Watching the sea in front of me,
Like a frontier...
My soul runs free
Towards an evil myth of the antiquity.

Seth! A name on the sand!

The time flows
Through my fingers as the sand
When I write
The name that revives the legend...

Seth! A name on the sand...
Suddenly becoming reality...

The Human God
(music and lyrics: Boeru)

I know the unknown,
I can see the unseen.
Am I human god?
What's my identity?
Maybe I loose my mind,
But I never loose my soul.
I'm the one who won't die!
Who am I?

I know the badness,
I can hear their pain.
Am I human god?
What's my identity?
I'm the one who makes war
And I'm the one who makes peace,
I'm the one who they hate.
Who they hate?

You're in hell now,
You're a simply ghost,
You, the human god!
You're in hell.