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Confira a Letra Black cell

Into Morphin

Black cell

I was brought, into this world,
So insane, my lost memories,
Cannot remember
how they came
They came to me,
As some burden in my hands.
So what am I?
Guess now, i´m just the same
Lonely, crying, tears in vein…

I am your dreams
The deepest of them
The strongest desire, of all
The unknown, secrets, RISE

The unknown secrets rise
From lhetal thoughts I was born
I am The poet, the killer,
the father
Bring now…yourself…
to me.
My gift, your soul…
my desire blows.

I am your dreams
The deepest of them
The strongest desire, of all
Is all you have now

Waiting, for the, day to come
Stronger, real, lhetal, human
Alive, now, in front, of you
I will bring back the truth

Waking, for this, dammed days
Paradise, Parasite, in my name
Never, try to, run of me
I will seek you until you bleed
To become the endless lie

In the end, will you forgive me
I gave the pleasure,
the fortune, the glory
I´m sorry the price
may be to high
I accept your life, to set me stronger