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Confira a Letra Victory In Disguise


Victory In Disguise

We have you here before us
Now tell us what you see
The people don't support you, in you they don't believe

They always fear the unknown - the things they can't see
You had to have a scapegoat, the one you chose was me

Victory in disguise - the fire never dies

You struggle for these people, why do you even try?
What is the sense in freedom when you yourself will die?

If I can free just one life, my work is justified
It will go on forever, your power I defy

Victory in disguise - the fire never die

The smell of death is in the air
Why does the man - who they hate - cause them fear?
Is it because they know they're wrong and in the end he will have victory?

Why do you fight for freedom when no one gives a damn?
Your little game is over, your death is now at hand

I stand here chained and broken so you can be set free
The future is the answer - my death will be the key