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Confira a Letra Blind Rage


Blind Rage

Thrashing away in the darkness, the innocence of youth does provide
Fighting for honor and glory, for which they will battle and die
Broken bottles - shattered dreams
No tomorrows - violent screams

Crushing a path through the suburbs
taking whatever they will
Banded together by boredom,
blind rage and lust all they feel
Broken bottles - shattered dreams
No tomorrows - silent screams

No use in talkin' - nobody hears
No use in cryin' - can't show your fears
No use in tryin' - no future hear
Just angry people - blind rage

Fight for freedom - we're the only ones
Fight for freedom - we know what must be done
Fight for freedom - breaking all the rules
Fight for freedom - wasting all the fools

Fight! Fight! - Kill! Kill!

Living like there's no tomorrow,
no future for them in sight
Opposition gives them false purpose
Raw power gives them the right
Broken bottles - shattered dreams
No tomorrows - silent screams