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Confira a Letra The Sentence Is Death


The Sentence Is Death

[Intro: Overdose / The burial]
Oh god help me! I can't take it anymore!! I'm so scared!! just let me die!!

The rain fell down with a chilling sound into the open grave.
The coffin lowers, for him it's over, for them it's just another day.
A son he's lost, at such a cost, a victim of the times.
Now he's alone, there's no one home, he should have read between the lines.

[The awakening:]
He was one of the meek, he always turned his cheek,
He lived by the golden rule.
But now that's changed, his life's rearranged, he's got a new goal to pursue.
He's a man obsessed, he will never rest, 'till he finds who he's looking for.
A dealer of dreams but of the kind obscene, they offer death - and nothing more.

eye for an eye - tooth for a tooth.
soon you will die, destroyer of youth.
life for a life - it's only fair.
so go ahead and scream, no one will hear - no one will care!

it's been 2 long years and so many tears, but the end has finally come.
facing his man gun ready in hand, it's time to vindicate his son.
he pushes in and the dealer only grins but his eyes give away his fear.
the man says with a sigh, it should be no surprise, but let me tell you why I'm here.


you live in the streets, so you know the rules.
you took your chances and now you lose.
I'm your judge and jury, executioner too.
for what you did to my son, I pass sentence on you - and the sentence is death!

chained to a chair, water everywhere, wrapped in wire head to toe.
cables from the wall are connected to it all, he knows his death will be slow.
throwing the switch, the body starts to twitch, as the smell of burning flesh fills the air.
he walks away, no reason to stay, there's a new world waiting out there.