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Confira a Letra Face Of Hate


Face Of Hate

Ignorance, Superstition, Prejudice - A Tradition.
Destruction brought to its fruition. Lithograph-
Social condition. In the streets people riot.
Authorities try to quiet. Social unrest - they deny it.
There lies the dead forever quiet.

Face Of Hate

Parental fears consummated. Young minds manipulated.
Parameters stipulated. Who should be loved - who is hated.
No regard to what lies within, pigmentation is not a sin.
Who can stop it once it begins. Mindless slaughter - nobody wins.

Face Of Hate

Mother, Father, your only crime is your fear and ignorance.
I refuse to blindly follow the demolition that you represent.
Resentment, hatred, only work to destroy you from within.
Why can't we all live together.
Why must they eyes of a child stare out of the face of hate.

Repeat first verse.