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Confira a Letra It's A Good Life


It's A Good Life

in our little town in Ohio, there's a little boy who we all know.
he makes us smile, he makes us glad, we think good thoughts, can't make him mad.
no cars, no lights, no rights to choose.
he is our life, he makes the rules.
we keep our thoughts as pure as the driven snow or to the cornfield we will go - oh!

it's a good life!

we cannot sing, he hates the sound.
he reads our thoughts, than starts to frown.
he makes it snow - it's mid-July.
we just smile as our crops die.
how did it start, when will it end.
how long can we all just pretend.
everything is perfect and serene.
is this for real or just a dream - scream!

it's a good life!

he! he's the one, who's undone, everything we have lived for, evermore, slammed the door!
why, are we weak, we must seek, a way to destroy all his lies, nullify, he must die!

we all agree, it's gone to long.
his power grows, he's much too strong.
how can we move, we live in fear.
he'll find us out when we draw near.
we need to act - we need a plan.
he must never live to be a man.
think of all the things he then could do.
who'll be the first to make the move - you?

it's a good life!