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Confira a Letra Calm Regained


Calm Regained

Now they will regret
what they've done to me.
I'll have my revenge
Your nightmare shall begin... soon!

Maniacal alteration of the highest degree.
Morbid slaughter which no one can forsee.
Bloody amok, syndrome of monstrous atrocities.
Insane seed injected, get the enemy.

Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill them fucking all!
Spill! Spill! Spill!
Spill their fucking blood!

Killing ride, innocent victims stabbed to death.
No humans feelings, shotgun massacre paints the walls red.
Murder in cold blood, hammer smashed heads,
calm regained, when each of them is dead.

Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill them all!
Spill! Spill! Spill!
Spill their blood!

The death of retribution,
your nightmare, unfolded revenge is no sweet.
I have regained my calm,
nothing matters now except your warm blood,
no futire is important.

No love, no fear, no god!