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Confira a Letra Abuse You Fucking Christ


Abuse You Fucking Christ

Fuck those whores!
Those white doves.
The father, the son and the holy ghost.
I invoke on the altar of death,
I reject all sacredness,
I cut your fucking wrists
and taste the blood of your wounds.
I scorch your fucking dogma
and pick your mother bones,
I spit on your idiotic followers,
you fucking sperm-drinking corpse,
I am satanic abusert
the oppressor of this doctrine,
I hammer false god in his fucking ass.
Let his scream whisk this old crypt.
So kill your idols now,
you will never have to compromise again.
This burnt deception no longer controls your will to power.

Fuck those whores, fuck those white doves,
You don't exist anymore,
You fucking myth, you fucking hoax
You fucking fairytale, you fucking whore
You are no fucking more!

Cocktail of fire and blood,
shit, debility and fools
wasted by venom of this one
and only holocaust.

Fuck those whores!
The father, the son and the holy ghost!