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Confira a Letra C.P.R.



Unnecessary roughness in full effect. From the east to the west suckas always disrespect. Prosecutors regulators all violators. Each and everyone of those fucking pigs will meet their maker.
"Protect and serve", words of the guardian sworn to protect our lives. Above the law, defended by the shield, a lower class man's demise. Acting on suspicion with no real train og thought. The only thing that matters is the numbers that are caught. Nigga's turn the blind eye, making shit difficult. Scarred up dignity, but revenge is fucking critical.
Crippling the law, a devious deception that reveals their intention. Beat the to the floor. Covered up tragedies are distrurbing my reality. They commit the crime, but they won't do the time. They roll up on the block with their nickel-plated nines. Why don't you respond to the victims of distress? And step the fuck of my grill 'cause I'm minding my own business.
Law enforcement think they're keeping shit in check. Walking hard showing off, demanding our respect. Lousy fucking pigs trying to start up a ruckus. What the fuck's the deal with these fools acting trecherous? Something about the justice system doesn't seem right, continuous corruption with no positive end in sight. That's why these pigs they always get shot. I turn my head the other way and let those motherfuckers rot.
I question your validity in rolling up and stopping me. Play god and hiding behind your badge. To serve and fucking harass. I hope I see the day when dirty cops are forced to pay for using their authority to rape us of humanity