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Confira a Letra From The Ashes

Iron Kingdom

From The Ashes

And so another day ends
And a new one around the corner
Somewhere someone dies
A friendly man turned martyr
Lie instate among the ashes
Soon you will be again
Lie instate among the ashes
Among the ashes no more pain

Fall upon your cross
Holy sinner, holy winner
Faithful mourn the loss
Holy war beginner
Bundled up against the world
Bound up by a fool’s desire
Dull all your senses
Fall to the forked tongue of a liar

Not prepared
For the wicked world
You quickly burn out
And fade away
Fire speaks
From the broken heart
Rise up
Rise up and become

Lie in state among the ashes
Fire purge the mighty sky
Lie in state among the ashes
Live immortal