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Confira a Letra Druid's Call

Iron Kobra

Druid's Call

Ancient magic, they call the runes!
Flutes are playing long forgotten tunes.
Dancing around their altar of stone,
Shaman kings with staffs of bone!
Druids summon demons of death,
Earth’s taking its last breath!
Chaos rules, the order is gone,
When midnight strikes, their work is done!

Run for your life!
Moon’s rising high!
Druid's call on hallow's eve!
Stonehenge's just ahead!
When druids call you better leave,
Start to run or you'll regret!

The breath of dragons ignites the sky!
Sleepless nights as the banshees cry!
Forbidden texts hewn into the rock!
Celtic frost at twelve o'clock!

And there they gather in these haunted ruins
To perform their pagan rites, unleash forces of hell!
Hidden in their dark robes - casting spells,
Wielding staffs, bursting with evil magic!
Calling the master, fulfilling unholy oaths,
Maiden sacrificed on the black monolith of death!
In the shadows of stonehenge!