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Confira a Letra Prey On You


Prey On You

True blue vow to the untold
Never to have or hold
Slip, cold intent exposed
The heat of hate transposed
Ideas won't go to seed
In cold dark dormancy
Fertilize, crucify
The stunted with outright lies

"smooth followers sing, pray on i prey on you.
Serve him, i'll serve you"

Stone word backfire with vengeance
Hopeless divine intervention
Leader, where's the peace you pursue
Can't let any more follow you
Teach to bleach the stains of your guilt
Envy of moral free lives built
Live with the torment that they live through
Your sins will only rest on you

Faith won't save you from the curse
Parasitic family verse
The whole book must be lies
If the angels shut their eyes
Prey on the weak or numb
Why aren't you overcome
With a defiling shame?
A prayer to remove the flame

No truth
Wrong way
One life
You pray