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Confira a Letra Shaira Under a Beauty Curse


Shaira Under a Beauty Curse

Sharia, under a beauty curse
Dear pariah, caught in the cycle
Death and adversity, 9 of consent,
Broken code, the watchdogs trailed, followed your scent

No chance and just desperate for love
No witness, his words he got off on
Watched the fall, they did nothing
But the wind carries your flight
Through the birds driven by the intonations of your fight

Abuse revealed by torture
Your eyes burned behind the blindfold
Subjugated 16, removed the veil
You rose up, screamed innocence to no avail

No chance and there's no room for love
no crime, the line you were hung from

Endure tortures daughter
They said this will teach you to disobey
Lamb to the slaughter
But you will teach them something far greater

Said this will teach you to disobey
You will show them something far greater
Your pain will reign over