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Confira a Letra Floods Of Thy Might


Floods Of Thy Might

Lost in the woods answers I seek
The gateway to all, the entrance shalt rise
before me
'Tween two sacred firs I step forward... to Thee
O vigilant forest of might, beyond time Thou

Roots of Thine trees binding my feet
Branches and leaves shalt twine rings around me
The murk of the conjur'd crowns lightenth my eyne
Embracing the spirit of wood, I drink of Thy might

Underneath, where no sun stayeth
On the pagan ground the forest eternal
Where blood runth thro' all times
The portal engrav'd in my heart

Ages hath pass'd - all is the same
For millions of years Thou stand still calling our
The Home of the gods who are set to rule the
The North and the South, the West and the East
Thou commandst

Speak to me, Master of elves
Show me Thy marches and thorns
Send forth Thy wolves for my blood
Grant me to hold the wisdom
Drown me into the deepest mere
Lead me to the grimmest gorge within Thy very
Let me behold Thy runic treasures
Veil me with fogs O Woods of Thy Might

High to the stars, wide to the seas
Forest uniting the times and the souls
Black as the skies pierc'd by the trees
Breeding Thine magick, Thou holdst me in thrall
Once having pass'd thro' the gates of Thy realm
I merg'd as one with the essence of Thine
I am the part of the forest myself
Rustling my leaves as a Hymn to Thy