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Confira a Letra Way Too drunk

Izzy Isadore

Way Too drunk

Yo is Izzy I'm in the club right now,
and we about to tear this muthaf*** down, down, down...


Headed to the club, it's about 12:30
Had about 4 shots before I left my homies
Now I'm feeling and looking real good, let's get this party started
Cause I tell you when we hit this club up we about to get this club crunk
The party jammed packed and I got my friends with me
Seen some sexy lil mamas and they already tipsy
Then bought the whole bar
Oh I think I feel it in me
Mix the Cocoa with the Henney now I'm feeling real dizzy

Cause I'm way way way too too drunk drunk
On the dance floor now bout to tear this club up
Now it's on,
Patron is spilling out my cup so put your hands in the air if you don't give a f***

(Verse 2)
Met a girl at the bar, she said her name Apple-Martini
Had a big Apple-Bottom to match them Tiggo-Biddies
She said drink me if you wanna,
Imma two dollar you call it
So I grabbed her by the waist and drunk her down like a faucet

Three shots of Jager-bombs
In the club we get it on
No rules, only have fun
Drink liquor until it's gone
(Verse 2x)


Check it...
I wanna rock right now
I'm Izzy and I came to get down
In this clubbb with some friends
Maddogg, Ciroc, Juice and Gin
And the party won't stop till we say it ends,
Party every weekend with Crown and Hen,
Wake up Monday, do it again,
if you don't give a f***
if you don't give a f***
Do it again,
if you don't give a f***,
Do it again
if you don't give a, if you don't give a, if you don't give a
f***, f***
If you don't give a whattt