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Confira a Letra Hampster Christmas Music

J Bigga

Hampster Christmas Music

I'm dreaming of some bling a ling a ling a ling a ling this Christmas
This time I hope Santa gets it right

(so bring on tha bling bling)

So come all ye presents shiny and expensive
O come to me o come to me on Christmas day

I want dem video game and a brand new bike
And if him santa try to test me i will take der life
Bring in de chipmunk

To sing de nex part of the song
The little chipmunk got it goin on

Deck tha halls with lots of presents
La la la la la la la la la la
Deck tha halls with lots of presents
Father and Ma Ma Ma

All my stocking's filled with stuff
And i get to keep it
X Box rocks but those games suck
What were you too thinking?

I'm sick and tired of your lame ass presents
You don't think i know what it's worf
Given me socks will just not work
So now you see the light
So Santa get it right
Low budget shopper
You know you tried to save a whole lot
You panty but my Christmas
I bet you think you are a big shot

Dashing thru tha snow
On tha next business day
Please tell me that you kept tha receipt
Otherwise we're dead meat
Cos PS3 is fine by me
But what's with these crappy games

La la la la la la la la