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Confira a Letra No Holding Me Back

J. Cole

No Holding Me Back

Whats sunshine with no rain
whats joy without no pain
and I'm still gon do my thing
there aint no holding me back
hey I'm gon get mine believe that
and whats sunshine with no rain
and whats Joy without no pain
hey yeah
yeah hey

The city f-cked up even thug n-ggas getting robbed.
know it's bad when the drug dealers getting jobs
same n-ggas who skipped out on graduation
at the gas station filling out the applications but
they aint calling me back
best friends be our references
pay checks spent on necklaces
down payments on the Lexuses
debit in the negative
overdraft with the sky overcast
but I'm screaming f-ck the pessimist
cause there aint no holding me back, huh
the little n-gga had big dreams to do big things
but in this thing everything aint what this sh-t seems
trying hard to come up in the flag pole just to
find out your heroes is some assholes
but there aint no hlding me back