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Confira a Letra Interlude

J. Cole


I'm drivin', nigga as soon as
I get the text we all in the car like 'ahh,
yeah nigga, we outta here nigga, yeah nigga!'
So we goin' crazy. We goin'

crazy as fuck, we like super excited.
Dog, ten seconds later, all I see in
the back and hear is 'woop woop' blue lights right behind me, the fuckin
under cover car, of all things.
So I'm like fuck.

I knew right away what it was.
Dog, for the, for two and a half maybe three
years before that, in New York
I was drivin dirty, my license was no good.
Dog, How bout the moment

I found out I was gonna the deal a fuckin cop got behind me and I already
knew what it was. I handled it so like
I handled it the best way the best
way you could ever go to jail like
I went to jail knowin bitch like, ah
know what I'm sayin?
Im in there dog, spendin the night in jail realizin
like these niggas have no clue bitch im about to sign this.
(laughs) That
was the easiest night in jail a nigga could ever do son.