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Confira a Letra Madhouse

Jack Bruce


(Performed By Bruce, Jack Band)

You say there's no more time to borrow
Two and two make twenty-two
Drownin' your head in sorrow, cryin' every day
We can help you with that prison,
Passin' the time with a smile
Join the boys with crazy rhythm, now it's here to stay

At the madhouse, madhouse
jumpin' at the madhouse

Space makes roads into your hairline
Four and nine make forty-nine
Travellin' on that long lost airline, cryin' in your tray
When your face falls we'll restore it
Makin' it new with a smile
Fillin' in the holes that tore it, now it's time to play

At the madhouse
jumpin' at the madhouse

Why the busy why the lazy
Three and three make thirty-three
Future flies will make you crazy, you know anyway
You can join us where we're layin'
We're sittin' back with a smile
Circus band is softly playin', hope you've come to stay

At the madhouse, madhouse
jumpin' at the madhouse

If the darkness sends you funny
Nine and one make ninety-one
Your train's lost it's hope in money, cryin' in your pay
We can turn your inside outside
You'll make it if you have to
Keep on wavin' with our hands tied, now it's all the way

At the madhouse, madhouse
jumpin' at the madhouse

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