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Confira a Letra Smiles & Grins

Jack Bruce

Smiles & Grins

Smiles & Grins

The smiles on city windows it's only the weekly cleaner
The dials on all the faces are gradually getting nearer
So make it careful when you can
Forget it if you've read the plan
Call a friend when you're in doubt
Nights are hard when you're locked out

Grins painted on radiators it's only the teeth of laughter
The numbers of all the victories are stenciled on soon after
So don't regret to leaves that fall
Have a little have it all
Take a bit give just as much nights are hard without the touch

The smiling suburban collars they power the city cisterns
Whenever they pull the train chains they gradually start the pistons
So keep your hair on if you can
When you're living in a van
Call a friend when you're in doubt
Nights are hoarse when you're locked out

Grins painted on petrol tigers are only the tanks of porter
Statistics of all the campaigns are written down on water
So don't regret the cars that rust everything must turn to dust
Cultivate and dig your croft
Nights are hard when you've gone soft

Lovers in the dark murders in the park
By the silv'ry moon yeah
Blankets from the fear cars when roads are near
Winter's much too soon
Yeah yeah