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Confira a Letra Insane Speed Metal


Insane Speed Metal

Searching for blood / Killing along the road
The eyes of vengeance / Hate explodes
Run! Now! / Or you will die
There's no apologies / Lightning vice

He's the gatekeeper of the death row
In the final judgment / Welcome to the show
The black maverick ride the bodies to the void
An electric mercenary / Sleepless paranoid

Lightning burning the corpses feeds his insanity
Reap their souls, wating the next one

To kill / Gun for hire
You'll see / Deadly tires
Your ennd / Electric fire
Your fate / You can't escape now

A rising thunderstorm going to crash
Torturing the criminals the law couldn't catch
Horrible suffering, that's what you deserve
He's is a hellish knight / Your sentence he'll serve

His heart is a battery livin' on hatred
Furious explosion, revenge he craved
Tie! Shock! / See the bodies burning
Screams thrill him / Adrenaline flowing

There in no escape
Run for your life

Insane Speed Metal
Insane for Metal

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