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Confira a Letra Vagabond Ballroom

Jaguar Love

Vagabond Ballroom

Don't go crazy my guitar begs,
As it sits in the corner, destroying the universe.
Don't go crazy the fortune-telling parrot screams,
From the top of a tower of terminal brain tumors.
Now I'm in a picture, of Tahiti,
And even the air, is an evil hallucination.
I'm hyperventilating,
I can't sleep I can't talk.
The subway drone shouts: "Don't go crazy!"

Vagabond ballroom, is where I'm from!
Prism rain drizzles on my tongue.
Vagabond ballroom, is my home!
Sixteen floors, 7000 rooms.
Vagabond ballroom [x2]
Vagabond ballroom we're dancing,
On the floor slowly shifting like skin.

Don't go crazy screams the typewriter,
He takes you to the roof, and shows you the nights anatomy.
Don't go crazy croon shoplifters of the world,
There's gonna be good times, just around the corner.
Now I'm sitting in the sober skull of a preist,
And even his breath is an evil hallucination.
I'm hyperventilating,
I can't sleep I can't talk.
The telephone shouts: "Don't go crazy!"

Vagabond Ballroom, is where I'm from!
Phantoms in the aquarium.
Vagabond Ballroom, is my home.
A thousand moons hang from the rafters.
Vagabond Ballroom [x2]
Vagabond Ballroom we're dancing,
The caberet is incandescent.

Open your eyes, the stars are so massive.
Don't you feel small under the sheer vastness?
Open your eyes look at all the dark matter,
How could anything you do possibly matter?
Open your eyes it's the Vagabond ballroom,
Jellyfish lightning up dark swimming pools.
Opera singers riding child faced gulls,
And windows that look out of all the world's raging.
Open your eyes there's a garden of lilies,
Performing a play about your favorite memories.
Aviary's full of hologram hawks,
We'll stay up all night and talk talk talk.

Vagabond Ballroom! [x4]

Is where I'm from!
Paintings speak in the museum.
Vagabond Ballroom is where I'm from,
Cobra's grow beneath the glass floor.
Vagabond Ballroom [x2]
Vagabond Ballroom, we're dancing,
No more time for hesitating.