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Confira a Letra Cherry Soda

Jaguar Love

Cherry Soda

Yeah yeah yeah yea yeah listen to my heart slam it's the hologram jam. Yeah yeah yeah yea yeah I got a digital tan it's the hologram jam. Twilight save me tonight.

Yeah yeah yeah yea yeah hear the bass go bam bam it's the hologram jam.

Sugar coated cherry soda puking on the lawn. Its six AM the party's over everybody's gone. Rode a mother fucking mastodon to my high school prom it's on it's on it's on it's on like immigrant song.

Sugar coated cherry soda it's like the futures over it's like the curtains closing it's like the earth is sobbing. I plug my headphones in the sewer in the street listen to the pulse like an 808 beat.

Hologram Jams.

Sugar coated cherry soda staining the sky red. The twilights a projector for the movies in my head. I was dead technically for a second in the sea octopus legs wrapped around my throat I couldn't breathe.

Sugar coated cherry soda I am a lightning bolta I'm picking oranges in the fields where they bury soldiers.

Sing it sing it loud child like lions in the wild like theres bullhorns in your mouth.